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Need some gay sex in New Orleans
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Peep Dis Out's LiveJournal:

Monday, August 11th, 2003
10:24 am
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Monday, July 21st, 2003
4:58 pm
1:10 pm
1st of 3 Watersports Experiences (so far)
The first happened about five years ago. Having moved back to New Orleans recently, I was on a mission to hit every bar (not just gay bars) in New Orleans before I die...have a couple of drinks and see what was going on. I had been to Checkpoint Charlies and was on my way home when I spotted another place I hadn't been to yet. I parked and went in. There were a half-a-dozen guys playing pool and a couple of guys and what seemed to be a couple of girls at the bar. I ordered my usual and started poking around. I found a stairway going up to another bar and went on up. It was much darker upstairs but I could make out a few guys at the bar and some shuffling around in the darkness. It was only now that I was starting to wonder what sort of place this was. Anyway, I ordered another adult beverage and chatted up the bartender for a few minutes.

I noticed several guys guys going in and out of the dark men's room and figured something was up. After another drink, I had to piss and my curiousity was getting the better of me anyway...I had to see what was going on in that mens room. I walked in and immediately was surrounded by pitch black but could hear sounds from further inside. I held out my arm and felt along the wall until I bumped into someone. About that time, I heard someone pissing behind me. I turned around and bumped into someone else. I side-stepped and felt the wall in front of me until I was fairly sure I was standing in front of a trough urinal. I could hear piss hitting the trough..sort of. I took out my cock in the darkness and let a little piss start to flow...ready to clamp down if I wasn't hitting the mark. Instead, a hand grabbed my dick and pulled me a little toward the wall. There was someone laid out in the urinal. Just then a hot mouth surrrounded my dick and gulped it down to my nuts. The mouth slid back off, the hand cupped my nuts and I heard a voice say "soak me down". I could still not see shit but another hand grabbed my cock and someone whispered to me..."piss on him". I had had a bunch of beers, a few mixed drinks and a fair amount of water and my back teeth were floating. I let loose with a stream of warm piss...I reached down and my hands grasped the head of someone about 2 inches from my dick. My piss was splattering all over his face. His tongue started licking my pisshole and making piss splatter everywhere. The guy holding my cock started waving it back and forth and I could hear my piss splash on flesh. Someone else I didn't even know was so close to me buried his head in my nutsack and started licking the piss that was dripping off my balls. I rubbed my dick into mouthboy's chest and a little fountain of piss aimed upwards and covered his face..the entire time it seemed his mouth was trying to catch every drop. I could hear him slosh around in the trough and then I felt asscheeks pushing themselves into my still squirting dick. I put my cock between those buns and squeezed his cheeks..with every squeeze I could feel a little jet of pee squirt onto his back and drip back down to his asshole. Then he turned around and swallowed my cock, using his throat muscles to choke out every drop of piss I had to offer. The last drop he coaxed out by clamping his lips down at the base of my dick and pulling back until just my cock head was in his mouth. That's when someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me into his mouth. That surprised me so much, I probably squirted another ounce of two.
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
4:08 pm
First Entry
I decided to open a journal to explore these desires for sex with other guys. I'll post my wonderings and thoughts and hopefully some real-life experiences here.

Current Mood: horny
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